Grand Hotel Quisisana, luxury hotel in Capri, Italy

“Wherever you go, you’ll always keep the memory of this masterpiece of Italian elegance in your heart”. The center of Capri, just steps away from the Piazzetta, has been the site of the Grand Hotel Quisisana, a historic establishment and flagship of the Italian hotel industry, since 1845. This exclusive 5 star luxury hotel is a veritable oasis of relaxation, immersed in a luxuriant park. Its elegant rooms are the perfect expression of Capri’s Dolce Vita, famous throughout Italy and the world. Over the years, the Morgano family, hoteliers for generations, inspired by a deep knowledge and love of the art and lifestyle of the Mediterranean, have perfected and conserved the quintessentially Italian style of the hotel. Movie stars, royals, politicians and heads of state have all chosen this luxury resort for their vacation on the Island of Capri, confirming the Quisisana as one of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

Quisisana 01

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